Partnership Opportunties

We Cannot Do It Without You

Our partners have been an integral part of Momentum Bike Clubs success since its inception. Without them, we would not have launched 23 locations, trained over 200 mentors, and biked over 200,000 miles.  Our partners have helped us provide equipment, staffing, transportation, and much more. This enables us to give the kids everything they’re expecting from a Momentum Bike Clubs experience.

Funding Partners

We are so grateful to the follow organizations who provide financial gifts to make Momentum happen.

Trailside Partners

Trailside partners help us provide things to students for free or at a discount. For example, if we’re on a bike ride with students and it’s approaching lunchtime, one of our trailside partners, Subway, charges a reduced rate for a sub, chips, and a drink! Not only do acts of kindness like this help out Momentum, but our youth are energized for the rest of the ride to tackle any obstacle that comes their way.

If your business is located on the Swamp Rabbit Trail and you’d be willing to provide something to our students at a great rate, feel free to contact us! We’d love to have your support.

Programmatic Partners

The following organizations regularly provide our Clubs with services needed to keep us riding and growing together.

Partner Spotlight: The Greenville YMCA

One partner we’d like to single out is the Greenville YMCA. They have been immensely generous and hospitable in many ways. They’ve provided us with storage space for bikes and hosted back-to-school events, but two offerings, in particular, really stand out:

2011 Youth in Government Delegation

The YMCA Youth in Government (YIG) program  has been a fixture in South Carolina for decades and teaches students about governmental systems to help them become better citizens who know how to create change.

In 2011 the Executive Director of YIG approached Momentum about sending a delegation from among our Bike Club members. According to David Taylor, Momentum’s founder who attended the event with the students, “The YMCA staff, in particular, Jesssica Sharp, was extremely kind in helping our students navigate the process. For most of our students, this gave them the opportunity to stay in a hotel or see the capital of our state for the first time. And the pride and sheer joy we felt when our students had their bills signed into law and were recognized as outstanding leaders was simply beautiful!”

Trips to Camp Greenville

Over the years, the YMCA has provided our bike club students with trips to its camp, Camp Greenville. The opportunity to experience the outdoors through hikes, kayaking, ziplining, ropes course, rock-hopping, Ga-Ga Ball, and bonfires has been such a gift to each student.

If you're interested in becoming a Partner of Momentum Bike Clubs, please contact us to discuss opportunities.