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How Bike Club Members Can Get Even More Involved

Becoming an active member of our Bike Clubs comes with countless benefits. Yes, this is a time to have adventures with friends and mentors while creating lasting memories, but it also opens the door for students to get involved in our additional programs. Learn more about them below!

Connect with Circles

Who: Members of the Challenge Team

When: 1st Sunday of each month

Circles is a time for the Challenge Team to connect, share a meal, practice mindfulness and learn together in a safe space. Since the pandemic, Circles has been a virtual event with a featured speaker and transparent conversations.

A.R.T + Circles

Who: High school-aged members of Bike Clubs

When: This is a 12-week program that meets throughout the spring.

Artistically Reshaping Trauma (A.R.T.) + Circles is a group-mentoring program specifically created for high school students within the Momentum Bike Clubs organization and is open to all BIPOC High School students in the Upstate and is a way to get involved with Momentum without riding. This initiative uses a variety of art forms in a small group setting to assist students in overcoming racial trauma, finding their voice, and increasing their understanding of their capacity to enact social change.

Using a Social Justice Youth Development framework, A.R.T. + Circles will equip BIPOC youth with the tools necessary to address systemic racism and understand power, privilege, and oppression in order to disrupt existing power structures and advocate for transformative change in their communities.

The program includes the following elements:

Students explore various art forms including poetry, painting, and photography to help them process race-related incidents and share their personal experiences with racism and discrimination.

Youth will hear experiences from guest speakers and Momentum Bike Clubs alumni on how they used their passions to challenge social and economic structures that often suppress Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) communities.

Through the use of adult-youth partnerships, participants will channel their collective passion for cycling to organize a community-wide Bike Tour, visiting civil rights landmarks in their communities throughout the Upstate, South Carolina region.

Summer Internships

Who: Middle school members of Bike Clubs (rising 7th-9th)

When: Mid-June through end of July

The internship program is for middle schoolers who are rising 7th graders and up. This begins mid-June and ends around the end of July. Interns will work Monday-Thursday from times designated by Momentum Bike Clubs. In addition to a $50 stipend per week for participation and regular attendance, interns will:

  • Gain a greater understanding of bike maintenance and safety to be shared with the other clubs.
  • Learn financial literacy, the value of budgeting, community development, sustainability, build social skills, forge new and lasting friendships, participate in journaling and creative writing, learn how to set goals, character development, and more.
  • Promote Momentum Bike Clubs and spread the word of all that it does.
  • Critique the Bike Club curriculum and improve it.
  • Be responsible for a tangible “project” or group activity to be completed by the end of the internship.
  • Gain a greater knowledge on the workings of a non-profit type organization and how it is run.
  • Be expected to be present and active during all sessions.
  • Receive transitional support to join the Challenge Team in the Fall which exposes them to greater opportunities, deeper mentoring support and upward social mobility.
Your donations can help Upstate youth have a wonderful, life-changing experience through our programs.