If There’s Anything More Fun Than Riding a Bike, It’s Riding a Bike With Friends!

Who We Are

Have you ever been driving around the Upstate and noticed a pack of students riding bikes along a trail? If so, you may have caught a glimpse of Momentum Bike Clubs.

Momentum Bike Clubs serves students who are of different backgrounds, races, and gender identities. We work with youth, ages 11-18, who are open to vigorous exercise and healthy peer and mentor relationships.

Our philosophy is anchored in Positive Youth Development, an approach that engages youth within their communities and affirms youths’ assets and strengths. We create spaces for all students to be valued and encourage them to bring their whole selves to the bike club experience.

More Than Just a Bike Club

We invest in students who need support and opportunities to gain self-esteem and build resilience. Through mentoring and programming designed to teach learn valuable skills, adopt healthy physical and mental habits, and nurture leadership skills.

Our programs are a place where all students experience unconditional positive regard and supportive relationships that transcend differences and empower them to overcome challenges—both on and off their bikes.

You Can Impact Youth Development Today

Become a Mentor

Do you value inclusivity, integrity, high expectations, and compassion? You can invest in a young person’s life as a Momentum Bike Club Mentor.

Partner With Us

Our partners help provide the necessary equipment, apparel, storage, and everything else needed to ensure our students have a valuable experience.

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