Question: What can we reasonably expect from a student riding a bike? It’s not that big a deal, right?

  • The scientific answer is that caring relationships and vigorous exercise enhance brain neuroplasticity,
    which allows young minds and spirits to heal from toxic stress.
  • The youth programming answer is that positive people and experiences help build a foundation for
    youth to set goals and chase their dreams.
  • The parental answer is, “you are keeping my child out of trouble and focused on something good, and
    they are worn out when they come home, which is also a good thing.”

Regardless of perspective, Momentum Bike Clubs has discovered a sweet spot of close mentoring
support, vigorous exercise, and the fun of exploring the world on two wheels. This healing mix has
captured the imagination of over 225 students and almost 50 mentors across 20 clubs, riding together,
building friendships, healing traumas, staying out of trouble (most of the time :)), and being worn out in
a happy sort of way.

Please join us to support this important work. 

Whether it’s $50.00, $500.00, or $5,000.00, each gift allows MBC to expand its reach to support students who are equally talented, but lack support and opportunity. Join us on the journey:

  • $250 will allow MBC to expand its work with special needs students with this trike

  • $500 will allow MBC to purchase a road bike that allows Challenge Team members to conquer mountains